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Creating a better and safer way to school

The Højdevangen School was part of the so-called four-school cooperation on Amager where Copenhagen Municipality reduced its number of schools. That has lead to many students who have to adapt to a new school route between home and school.

HOE360 Consulting produced a series of campaign initiatives, which should make students aware of their new opportunities to bike or walk to school. This included signs for guidance of new routes between their homes and schools.

An analysis was carried out of the existing parking facilities and a plan was drawn up for possible extensions of the bicycle parking capacity.

A concept was developed for the establishment of temporary bicycle repair shops at the school where students was introduced to common bike repairs, such as mounting bike lights and reflectors and patching of the tupe. The campaign aimed to give students a greater sense of ownership of their bike through improved knowledge of its features and bicycle repair. At the same time the municipality received a direct channel to communicate traffic safety for students.

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