New bike-share system implemented in the Cities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg

Identifying locations and mapping of doking-station sites, traffic- and accessibility assessment

HOE360 Consulting contributed to the new bike-share system in Copenhagen in the early phase with identification of specific locations for the docking-stations. We performed measurement, development and production of maps, and conducted traffic assessments of the various locations of the Bike-share system. Furthermore, we contributed with design modifications of some elements both on the bicycle itself and on the docking stations that made the solution more space efficient.

The system

The system is provided by the company Gobike (read more) and is implemented in the Cities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg in cooperation with the Danish State Railways (DSB). Its all electrical bicycles and the bicycles have an integrated tablet that provides user information and handle the booking procedure. It consist of 1,860 bikes distributed on 90 docking-stations (there will be added another 15 docking-stations) before the entire system is in place.

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