Innovative solutions in urban transportation

Developing new solutions to solve multiple challenges

Live test and demonstration in the city

The city is the perfect demonstration site to test new innovations to meet the needs of the growing cities and at the same time support the citizens in adapting to new modes of transportation. The innovative projects are often developed in collaboration between private companies and the municipalities creating both local growth and city development and at the same time involving the local citizens in creating a more liveable city. Existing solutions can be used to test new technology, such as the public transportation that is an ideal opportunity to test alternative fuels. Also, implementation of sensors creating real-time data on congestions and air quality can help to foresee and solve concrete challenges. Even small everyday-innovations can support the people in the city to make the smarter and more sustainable choice in regards to transportation.

Using familiar solutions in new contexts

Implementing new features around the city that cater for the cyclists’ needs is another example of using familiar solutions, but in a new context. Green waves have been used in order to make the traffic flow more easily, but now, specific bicycle friendly “green light waves” have been implemented to follow the flow from cyclists, not cars, thereby increasing the effectiveness when travelling by bike. Innovations in urban mobility does not always have to be technical and complicated, often small simple new elements can have a large effect.

Cycling is an element in creating the smart city and with the many years’ knowledge and experience gathered from a long tradition for cycling, the Danish companies are able to develop new innovative solutions that can be integrated in different contexts and solve multiple challenges. When innovating for urban mobility, it is important to maintain a holistic view, considering the environment and purposes of the city in general.

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