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Attractive temporary commuter connection while keeping local businesses accessible

The project objective was to identify various measures and their effects in relation to mobility and accessibility for cyclists to ensure cyclists excellent conditions in connection with roadwork’s.

A focus was taken on many facets of the establishment of road works, for example barriers, road closures, traffic safety, the placement of signs, sufficient wide temporary cycle paths, as well as access between the bicycle path and sidewalk, insuring shop owners that customers by bicycle still had access to the shops.

A catalogue of possible initiatives and actions was developed, including the concept of visual communication through signs and route guidance to ensure a good and safe accessibility when the street is converted to a construction site.

during the project, mainly commuters were guided along a parallel street, while cyclists where met by signposting before they reached the roadwork, with information on the alternative route. Lines guided the cyclists so that they avoided the roadwork and thereby achieving an easier bike ride.

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