New 64.000 m2 Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover project

By Søren Madsen, CEO Hexa-Cover A/S, December 13, 2013

Hexa-Cover A/S announces a new 64.000 m2 Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover project

We are very proud and pleased to inform on a new 64.000 m2 project with Compañía Minera Cuzcatlán S. A. de C. V., Mexico.

For this project, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover was chosen for controlling evaporation from a tailing pond.

This project further adds to our strong and leading position within floating cover solutions for the professional users.

To us this proves our fundamental philosophy is right; the professional market and end-user requires solid, robust and long lived solutions with i.e. no hollow areas, no in- / outlet holes, no water intake etc. what eventually will cause problems and shorten lifetime.

The 64.000 m2 area equals some 9 soccer fields in size and includes 435 ton material.

Since the launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been installed in a vast number of installations basically all over the world, on almost all kinds of liquids, all kinds of reservoirs, tanks, ponds etc. for controlling i.e. evaporation, organic growth, odor, emission, heat loss and to prevent unwanted birds from landing on covered waters.

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