Hexa-Cover is the supplier of the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover solution – a unique floating cover system for controlling i.e. evaporation, organic growth, odor, emission, heat loss and deterrent of unwanted waterfowls.

Since the launch in 2004 the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been installed on almost any kind of liquid all over the world and on almost any kind of bassins, ponds, tanks, lagoons and reservoirs.

Applications range from small bassins (i.e. chemical baths in processing) to very large water reservoirs (in i.e. the mining sector).

The solutions offered by Hexa-Cover are environmentally friendly, manufactured of 100% recycled plastic and without the use of Freon or other harmful materials. Furthermore, the solutions reduce energy consumption in connection with stirring or cooling and reduce the use of chemicals or other additives.

The client list is very broad and includes i.e. private farmers, production plants, municipalities, national water companies as well as large International companies.

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