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Henning Larsen Architects is an international architecture company with strong Scandinavian roots.

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Consideration of environmental, social and financial sustainability is an integral part of all projects at Henning Larsen Architects. These many forms of sustainability are vital to the success of each individual project, and ensure a high-quality, long-lasting product.

A large part of the energy consumption of a building is determined by the design, which is why it is necessary to incorporate our understanding of sustainability principles at an early stage of the creative process. Henning Larsen Architects possesses a profound knowledge of and experience with incorporating sustainable principles in buildings and urban development projects.

From our extensive research, we have developed new scientific design methods arise from our findings that a building’s design has a significant influence on its energy consumption and further affects the energy consumption of neighbouring buildings.

For a building to be sustainable by design, the reduction of energy consumption is a prerequisite. Furthermore, microclimate variables such as daylight, wind and temperature have a significant impact on how the buildings perform in relation to energy use and comfort. Through analysis the micro climate parameters are mappes, and then used in the creative phases, ensuring that buildings and urban spaces are sustainable by design –reducing the overall energy consumption of the project.


Our objective

Our objective is to apply this knowledge in the best way possible for each individual project.  With this approach, a collaboration can take many forms:

  • Consultancy: Henning Larsen Architects offers general consultation on preliminary examinations, analyses and procurement.
  • Masterplanning: Measurable, sustainable urban planning with a focus on comfort and energy-efficient design. Henning Larsen Architects contributes to the preparation of competition programmes, strategic planning assignments and specific masterplans for new development areas or urban conversions with a focus on measurable sustainability. Through workshops, and other collaborative processes, the parties involved can outline a common set of values and formulate clear and qualified competition programmes, visions and goals.
  • Strategic masterplanning: Henning Larsen Architects also has experience in regional planning where measurable sustainability is turned into a spatial climate strategy focusing on social and environmental sustainability.
  • Building: In connection with development projects, energy renovations and conversion of existing buildings, Henning Larsen Architects contributes to achieving a high level of performance in energy use, indoor climate and architecture.

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