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Henning Larsen Architects is an international architecture company with strong Scandinavian roots.

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Siemens’ new headquarters is an urban, recognisable composition of plazas, courtyards and alleys that will unfold a new, vibrant urban space in central Munich.

Siemens' new headquarters will stand out as a spearhead project in sustainable design in an urban context. The objective of the project is to exceed today's standards for green building such as DGNB Gold and LEED Platinum. State-of-the-art technologies produced by Siemens are incorporated into the design to ensure an optimal lifelong performance.

The design is energy efficient in itself. The organisation of the office spaces, the slightly sloping facades providing the building with ample daylight and the selection of healthy, sustainable materials demonstrate that an open, healthy working environment is of high priority to Siemens.

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