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By Henning Larsen Architects, April 25, 2013

Study of microclimate variables is crucial in urban planning as it impact energy consumption of buildings and increase comfort of end-users.

Henning Larsen Architects has launched a new research project in association with the Department of Civil Engineering at DTU, the Technical University of Denmark. The project focuses on environmental comfort in urban spaces, and studies how sunlight, noise, air quality and wind patterns created by the cityscape can change the usability and comfort of an urban space.

Civil engineer Alf Nielsen is working on an Industrial PhD with the purpose of developing methods and standards for measuring the environmental quality and comfort of urban spaces. The result will be a helpful tool in early urban design phases, where architects need to consider how building masses affect the surrounding environment. 

The project is a pioneering work within the field of architecture and urban planning. Associate Professor Holger Koss from DTU says: “Within the scientific field, this is an unprecedented project in its consideration of micro-climate as a whole and integration of knowledge on micro-climate conditions in the design phase.”

Currently, there exists no scientific method for qualifying and measuring the micro-climatic conditions of an urban space. In his research, Alf is analysing all parameters affecting the climate, and integrating them into a balanced understanding of the quality of environmental comfort within urban spaces.

This understanding is essential to successful urban development. Open spaces are critical to city life, as they form an essential shared space in the urban fabric. The quality of the urban spaces is influenced and determined by temperature, humidity, air quality, daylight and noise.

Henning Larsen Architects have previously been involved in research projects concerning improvement of urban spaces. Former projects have, for example, investigated the use of daylight as a valuable feature in urban development.  

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