Utility-scale high-temperature solar thermal – cheaper than fossil fuels

Heliac’s solution is based on the invention of an inexpensive lens that focuses the sunlight in the same way as a large magnifying glass. Based on the lens, Heliac builds modular panels each supplying 12 kW of heat.

Lendemarke Fjernvarmeværk, owned by Europe’s largest privately owned energy company, E.ON., is the first customer of a Heliac plant. The plant in Lendemarke is at almost 2 MW.

For more than 30 years, mirrors have been used to make concentrated solar power (CSP). CSP works well, but is expensive. By replacing the mirrors with our lenses, component price is reduced by about 85% making solar thermal cheaper than both biomass and the fossil alternatives.

Heliac’s low-cost solution allows for CSP to supply energy to district heating, district cooling, process heat, desalination, and power production.

Heliac’s expertise lies in the development and production of the lenses and the energy collection, while the company only has limited resources in designing, selling, installing and servicing large energy solutions. Heliac is therefore interested in finding partners with significant resources, networks, and experience in these areas.

The same lens can save human lives and climate

Each lens in Heliac’s panels delivers approximately 1.5 kW of heat. Using exactly the same lenses, Heliac has also developed a solar cooker that has the potential to largely replace the open fire cooking three billion people do at a daily cost of 11,000 lifes. Open fire cooking is also a major cause for deforestation in many regions. See ‘Solar cooking saves lives and climate‘ for a detailed description of the solution.

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