HCS Transport & Spedition

    HCS Transport & Spedition

    HCS Transport & Spedition (HCS) is a nationwide Danish family owned company in the transportation and environment industry, with offices also in Finland and Poland, within the following business areas: National and International Transports: Transport with curtain trailers, conveyor cars, Tip trucks, walking floor, volume cars, refrigerated trucks and container cars in daily traffic between Scandinavia, Finland and Western Europe/Poland/Czech Republic.

    Waste disposal/collection: HCS is collecting and transporting municipal and industrial waste. HCS establish and run general waste solutions for municipalities and industries, including the sale of plastic and paper trash bags and plastic containers. Recycling: Purchasing, processing, sales, transport and handling of recyclable fractions; newspapers, cardboard, printing paper and plastic i.e.

    HCS operates wastepaper/recycling centers and sorting rooms in Glostrup and in Aarhus. Construction and environmental construction: Construction transportation, driving low loaders and cranes. Total deliveries of gravel and stone, disposal of land and operation of gravel pits. Analysis and remediation of contaminated soils and of contaminated sites and in connection with demolitions and fires i.e. Operation of land disposal sites and environmentally sound solutions for the treatment and landfilling of class 1, 2, 3 and 4 land

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    Primary contact
    Christoffer Søborg Hansen
    +45 23810056