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Fill Your Petrol Tank with Wood Residuals

Topsoe’s TIGAS technology converts waste wood into synthetic gasoline. No adjustments are needed – TIGAS gasoline is compatible with existing engines and fuelling stations.

Comparable prices

The TIGAS demonstration project converts 20 tons of waste wood into synthetic gasoline daily. This climate-friendly gasoline has the same fuel properties as gasoline based on oil – at comparable production prices. Together with partners, Topsoe will demonstrate the TIGAS technology at the Gas Technology Institute in Des Plaines, USA, where a wood gasifier is already operating.

Waste wood comprises e.g. forest industry residue, urban wood waste and residue from paper production. About 60% of the energy in the wood is converted into fuel – a very high efficiency for production of bio fuels.

Using existing infrastructure

UPM-Kymmene will supply waste wood for the demonstration, and the oil company ConocoPhillips will show that the TIGAS fuel can be used within the existing infrastructure.

The American Department of Energy has supported the project with 25 million USD under the US Recovery Act.

Last step before commercialisation

The demonstration is the last step before the technology will be made commercially available. In industrial plants more than 1,000 tons of wood will daily be made into fuel, and the plants are expected to be commercialised as soon as the technology has been demonstrated.

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Svend Ravn

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