Catalytic industrial emission filters improve air quality

Industrial production around the globe must comply with increasingly strict emissions standards by filtering more gases and particles out of flue gases. This is challenging in high-dust production such as waste-to-energy plants, steel and cement plants, biomass-based power plants and many other industrial facilities. At a medical waste incinerator in Thailand, 312 CataFlex™ filter bags were installed to deal with problematic dioxins. An independent test company documented that the emissions were cleaned to a level far below the most stringent regulations anywhere in the world. More than 99 per cent of dioxins in the flue gas were destroyed. Haldor Topsoe’s CataFlex™ combine a traditional dust filter bag with an innovative inner bag with catalytic effect. The outer dust filter efficiently traps dust. This improves air quality and ensures the
continued functionality of the inner filter that removes hazardous compounds such as dioxins, NOx (main contributor to smog) and ammonia. CataFlex™ fits existing filter houses, so there is no need for expensive additional equipment.

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