Haldor Topsoe

Commitment to catalysis
Haldor Topsoe’s technologies and catalysts are used around the world creating a better environment – in the refining industry ensuring cleaner fuels, for cleaning power industry flue gasses and reducing emission from heavy duty vehicles. In chemical plants catalysts and processes optimise resources and ensure highly efficient energy processes.

Research – technology – catalysts
The synergy between research and development, process design, engineering, catalyst production and sales form the basis of the continuous optimisation of our catalysts and technologies.

Topsoe’s research activities are focused according to feedback from industrial practice. Engineering design parameters are firmly based on in-house knowledge and technology resulting from research and development efforts. Our catalysts and processes are developed in close collaboration between research, engineering, and production, ensuring the creation of catalysts and processes, which meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Working together
Topsoe’s commitment to catalysis has created a strong and multi-facetted business with a product portfolio spanning from catalysts to proprietary equipment, process design, engineering and service.

We are known for our commitment to catalysis – a commitment we share with our clients.

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Haldor Topsoe
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Ulrik Frøhlke

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