Wastewater problem solved for Norwegian ice cream producer

Hennig-Olsen Is (Hennig-Olsen ice cream) concerns about the environment. Thanks to the first Grundfos BioBooster solution in the country, the leading Norwegian ice cream producer can now meet the increased wastewater treatment requirements.

When requirements related to the discharge of wastewater into the municipal sewer system in Norway increased in the spring of 2016, Hennig-Olsen Is started to look for a pre-treatment solution. However, after having evaluated a few solutions in collaboration with Grundfos BioBooster, it did not take long to learn that the most sustainable and financially viable solution would be to establish a decentralized plant for handling everything from treatment to discharge.

Future water reuse
The Grundfos BioBooster solution fascinated the management of Hennig-Olsen Is due to its capability to deliver a superior effluent quality. Further, they were very excited about the possibility of future energy recovery and water reuse. Moreover, a valuable fertilizer is being produced during the wastewater treatment process.

“Here at Hennig-Olsen Is, we value the environment highly and strive to work with our processes in a circular and sustainable way. We are therefore truly excited about our new project concerning treatment of wastewater from our factory. Now, we will be able to perform a full-scale purification of the wastewater. Thus, the water we use, except from the water that goes into our products, will go right back into nature,” says Senior Project Manager Bård Schefte, Hennig-Olsen Is.

Rewarding cooperation
The contract was signed after the necessary approvals from the Norwegian authorities were in place thanks to a very rewarding cooperation between the local and regional authorities, Hennig-Olsen Is and Grundfos BioBooster.

“So far, our cooperation with Grundfos has been outmost professional and highly qualified. We expect Grundfos to keep up the good work and the delivery of the highest possible quality of their product and services also in the future,” says Bård Schefte.

At Grundfos BioBooster, they are very excited to enter the Norwegian market for Membrane Biological Reactors. According to Segment Director Søren Nøhr Bak, they are currently receiving an increasing number of inquiries from other potential customers.

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