Providing sustainable water supply to remote village in Tanzania

Grundfos Manufacturing Ltd has donated a complete solar SQFlex water system to Londoni in Tanzania. Londoni is a very poor village in the heart of Tanzania where water is very scarce. The installation of the system was started in the beginning of 2010.

The installation of the solar SQFlex system will make water available to the whole village and the surrounding area. Furthermore, it will supply the locals with water for irrigation purpose.
The initiative will have various outcomes e.g. to bring water to a deprived part of Africa, improve the general standard of living, save lives among the young population in the village and create opportunities for additional crop growing via irrigation.

Grundfos has provided a renewable water system that improves the living standards in Londoni. The system consists of a single point water supply with a submersible borehole pump, fed with energy from solar panels. SQFlex is the perfect sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient alternative to irregular, cost-intensive water supply solutions in remote locations like the village Londoni. The system provides individual solutions to water problems where conventional water supply systems fail or simply cannot reach – and at hardly any cost.

Primary contact
Carina Achton Nielsen

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