Pension scheme group sends green signal with A-rated circulator pumps

Seeing a chance to achieve significant energy savings as well as major reduction in CO2 emissions, Danish pension scheme and banking enterprise PenSam made a strong decision and changed all the circulator pumps at their administration headquarters in a single swoop.

“We quite simply replaced all our pumps in one move,” states service manager Sidsel Hansen, PenSam. “It all began when we asked for calculations to identify how much energy we could save in our heating and ventilation system. It soon became clear that replacing all our pumps with A-rated circulator pumps from Grundfos would make sense – both financially and in environmental terms.”

Payback time: Two years

PenSam asked their regular installer, Glenco A/S, to carry out exact calculations to identify their potential savings. Glenco approached Grundfos, and Grundfos then calculated the energy consumption and potential savings for each individual pump. In the main a pump replacement would pay for itself after a couple of years.

Based on Grundfos’ calculations and recommendations, Sidsel Hansen carried out an overall evaluation which meant that all 29 pumps were replaced with new, A-rated Grundfos ALPHA2 and Grundfos MAGNA circulator pumps.

Trouble-free replacement

“We enjoy excellent co-operation with Glenco at all times, and in this particular case, where Grundfos was involved too, things went as smoothly as ever. They were utterly professional and set up a replacement schedule which ran with perfect efficiency and caused no inconvenience to the people who use the building.

Better reliability

At the same time, Sidsel Hansen was also interested in investing in greater reliability. Several pumps had been running non-stop for more than 20 years, so wear and tear alone posed an acute threat; one day, we would certainly face a major problem if no change was made.”

“Our decision to replace was certainly also prompted by the fact that we could reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 9,000 kg a year,” concludes Sidsel Hansen.

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