Grundfos Lifelink

The LIFELINK system consists of a single point water supply with a submersible borehole pump, fed with energy from solar panels. Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic tapping unit, where the villagers tap water and pay with a closed payment system based on smartcards. The water fee covers the ongoing service contract where Grundfos LIFELINK takes full responsibility for service and maintenance of the system. Via the remote monitoring system, the technical service team can detect any malfunction and react immediately. Thereby LIFELINK ensures reliable and sustainable water supply. LIFELINK has a capacity of 8 – 16 m3 of water per day depending on the borehole capacity.

Several ways of financing

There are several ways of financing the upfront cost of the LIFELINK business, ranging from a fully commercial model where an entrepreneur or community obtains a loan and buys the system, to a funding based model where government or development organisations donate the system.

LIFELINK has been piloted in Kenya since spring 2009 and is now expanding to more countries. The objective for 2015 is that LIFELINK will be present in Africa, Asia and Central & South America.

Purpose of LIFELINK

The purpose of Grundfos LIFELINK is to provide small communities in rural areas that have limited access to safe water, with a supply of safe drinking water at affordable prices.

The LIFELINK system solves the key challenges that way too often lead to break down of water projects in developing countries. Access to water is the first step for development.

With a LIFELINK system, women and children save the long walks after water every day and have more time for school and work. The health status of the community improves, since water borne diseases are reduced considerably. With reliable access to water, farmers can invest in livestock and better equipment for agriculture. Because of the innovative payment system, LIFELINK minimises corruption and empowers the individual by dealing directly with the end-users. LIFELINK is energised by solar panels, which is a cheap and environmentally sustainable source of energy.


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Carina Achton Nielsen

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