Green thinking from raw materials to wastewater treatment at Denmark’s largest organic dairy

Thise Mejeri is Denmark’s largest organic dairy company. Thise is not only renowned for its ability to develop new products and taste variants, but also for its high ethical standards and environment-friendly thinking in the entire value chain – from raw materials and production to disposal of by-products and wastewater treatment.

In 2007, Thise started the search for green and future-proof wastewater treatment technology that could accommodate the increasing wastewater volumes deriving from several incremental expansions of the organic production. The answer was an industrial biological wastewater treatment solution from Grundfos BioBooster.

Compact and odour-free solution

Grundfos BioBooster incorporated and enhanced Thise Mejeri’s pre-existing wastewater treatment setup, and provided the needed extra treatment capacity with a compact and odour-free solution prepared for future expansion, full wastewater treatment, and water reuse. The solution is based on two components: The PBR (pressurised biofilm reactor) used for pre-treatment of the wastewater before it is drained to the lagoons, and the MBR (membrane biological reactor) used for full treatment of partial streams of the wastewater, and which allows for direct discharge to receiving waters and water reuse at a later stage.

The Grundfos BioBooster solution solved Thise Mejeri’s capacity problems arising out of production expansions, and provided an odour-free treatment process for the benefit of the environment and the surrounding neighbours.

“Being an organic dairy means that we always thinks ahead and seek new and innovative technologies. And we approach our wastewater in much the same way. Choosing Grundfos BioBooster was simple common sense to us. Due to the simplicity of the system, we didn’t need a permit from the municipality, and we could easily get an overview of the installation very early on in the process. In my experience, there are always positive outcomes of a project you believe in. We believe in Grundfos BioBooster”, says Poul J. Pedersen, Managing Director, Thise Mejeri.


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