Circulator pump decreasing energy use in houses

Energy savings start in your own house

ALPHA2 from Grundfos represents a new generation of circulator pumps that use down to 5W – the A-labelled pump can save up to 10% of a household’s total power consumption.

In households all over Europe the circulator pump is one of the largest individual energy consumers. The energy-optimised Grundfos circulators sold since the introduction of the European Energy Labelling Scheme for heating circulators (2005-2007) will provide annual electr…mp-from-grundfos/icity savings of more than 1,400 million kWh. This corresponds to the total annual electricity consumption in more than 320,000 average European households.

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Compared to what the customers have been used to so far ALPHA2 is a very revolutionary circulator. The pump is full of new functions and innovative technology that will save the house owners a lot of money and the installers a lot of trouble, and last but not least will contribute considerably to reduced CO₂ emissions. A traditional old circulator that typically runs full speed day and night is one of the big entries on the electricity bill – actually it is responsible for up to 10% of the total power consumption of a household. ALPHA2 can automatically adjust the power output down to 5 W whereas a standard pump’s power output is 60-100 W. It means that a standard pump has a power consumption of 4-500 kWh per year, whereas an ALPHA2 consumes down to 90 kWh – or a saving of up to 80%.

On top of the A-rated efficiency Grundfos has integrated the unique AUTOADAPT function formerly only available for commercial applications in the Grundfos MAGNA. The function analyses the consumption pattern and automatically adjusts output to demand – also in connection with the changing temperatures of the seasons. The result is optimal comfort and the least possible energy consumption.


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