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Griffin people is an international business development company operating within the security, energy and environment, industrial, healthcare and infrastructure industries based on a wide international network of experienced leaders of industry and governmental institutions.

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Off-Grid Solutions Based on Wind, Sun, Biogas, Batteries, Generator and Power Management Systems

The need to optimize energy consumption and a wish to use alternative energy is of high priority in many industrial sectors – among these International Defence, NATO, the UN, and NGOs.

With increasing logistics costs, fuel prices, and international focus on climate and reduction of CO2 emission.

Especially regarding camp and off-grid solutions, it is attractive to work with green technologies for power generation.

The technological development in the field of alternative energy makes it possible to establish and operate camps with high energy efficiency and reliability while achieving significant energy savings.

Green Camp Group offers customers a technologically durable and energy efficient camp solution that is competitive compared to traditional camp operation with generators.

The Concept
The core of our green camp concept is the compilation of a knowledge base around the consumption patterns in the camps by different climatic conditions, as well as the characteristics of the different elements/units forming part of a camp – both through the use of traditional, as well as environment-friendly technologies.

Development And Knowledge Center For Green Camp Solutions
Camp Lab Denmark is a development and knowledge center focusing on developing intelligent green camp solutions in cooperation with defence, NGO, universities and companies.

Via research-based knowledge, companies are supplied with new knowledge that can be turned into innovative products and services with focus on green solutions to camps.

These products will be dual use products that can be used both in military and civil contexts, such as emergency camps, industry and other areas where there exist a need for mobile and flexible camp and energy solutions.

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