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Griffin People/Green Camp Group

Griffin People
Griffin people is an international business development company operating within the security, energy and environment, industrial, healthcare and infrastructure industries. Griffin People is based on a wide international network of experienced leaders of industry and governmental institutions. Furthermore, we work closely with financial institutions with access to both equity and debt funding.

Green- and Smart Camps – Trible Net Zero Energi, Water and Waste
Griffin People is creating solutions together with public and industrial partners developing concepts and components for scalable power generation. We supply zero footprint green camps of mobile, semi-permanent and stationary configurations, utilizing primary renewable energy with a fossil energy backup, combined with smart consumption management.

The core of the concept is the compilation of a digitized knowlegde base around the consumption patterns in the camps by different climate conditions, as well as the characteristic of the different elements/units forming part of a camp. The knowledge base is created both through the use of traditional as well as environmentally friendly technologies.

The technical solutions include energy production by means of solar and wind generators with traditional fuel generators as backup. The solutions also include batteries, efficient energy management, energy optimized residentials and working areas with cooling and heating automation, water purification and waste handling.

Green Camp Group – Together we supply the optimal GREEN SOLUTION
Green Camp Group is a group of companies capable of delivering the most advanced green solutions, including all environmentally friendly elements of a green camp within energy, water and waste.

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