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The challenges from climate change require innovative solutions. We must look forward and turn the challenges into something positive!

Climate change causes plenty of rain, and we need to avoid flooding and damage to homes and cities. In Copenhagen we turned the situation into something positive and made a climate adaptation plan where new recreational areas can collect the increased rainfall. This way we avoid flooding and offer new recreative areas in the city for the benefit of the residents. Exposed creeks and green parks collect and absorb rainwater during torrential rain; during periods without rainfall residents can use the areas. Students on field trips, tourists, as well as pedestrians and cyclists who appreciate green space in the city will benefit from this green solution.

Greenovation offers counseling in order to achieve this type of outcomes. We assist processes where politicians and citizen develop and implement a Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, former mayor of Copenhagen and CEO of Greenovation has been coordinating Copenhagen’s Climate Adaptation Plan so he will share valuable insights!

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