HyProvide A-series

The HyProvide™ A-Series is available in standardized, modular configurations for maximum efficiency, versatility and scalability. Next-generation technology makes the A-Series the most efficient alkaline electrolyser available today. And the unit is designed from the ground up to accommodate the input fluctuations that come with renewable energy sources.

The result is consistently high output, very low power consumption and >99.998% pure and dry hydrogen supplied at 35 bar – ideal for direct storage, further compression or immediate use as is. Based on a decade of research and development, we have achieved a unique, proven, and cost-competitive technology. Available in 30, 60 or 90 Nm3/h versions and fully upgradable, the HyProvide units can operate standalone or clustered to meet required volumes of green hydrogen up to multi-MW scale.

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Green Hydrogen Systems is a leading provider of alkaline electrolysers. Our technology is required to build an energy supply system solely based on renewable energy and we are committed to help our customers decarbonize their operations and increase their independence from fossil-fuels through onsite production of green hydrogen.

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