Greener Smarter Living

    Greener Smarter Living

    Students and older generations are very concerned about our global climate and the problems we are facing with greenhouse gasses and CO2 emissions and Danish politicians today are ahead of the curve. They support green development projects and the increasing demand for flexible and shared living in our major cities.

    Greener and Smarter Living (TM) is a new way of living, a product, using a very energy efficient architechtural and low cost energy design. The base construction is a geodesic polygon shaped geodome, using light and strong materials with unique insulation and U-values.

    High returns and a flexible building process make this a new and attractive investment opportunity for green sector investors and property developpers.

    GREENER SMARTER LIVING is a new sustainable way of shared living with other people. Together they share a fantastic large and green livingspace at the same time having your own private flat with bath and toilet.

    The energy to provide electricity and heat comes from sustainable energy sources, using no fossil fuel, this house can be completely of the energy grid, saving money and reducing the CO2 emission into the environment.

    We call our first product Copenhagen Smarter Living. 8,5 meter high and 17 meter in diameter. Inside are 7 flats with toilet and bath and shared kitchen and a truly unique living space, in total 350 square meter.


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    Lars Stenfeldt Hansen
    +45 30 50 26 70