Recycling water from sinks and toilets with biological water purification

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Biological Water Purification
Water is infinitely recyclable if we treat it right. Water from the sinks and toilets in the main building is collected and flows through anaerobic, clarifying, and biological filtering stages to enable on-site reuse. Two earth lungs in the Green Footprint Park remove odorous gases with planting selected for this purpose. The first stages of purification are hidden below ground, after which the system emerges into view and is assisted by sunlight and LED lighting. Here, the water flows through algae tubes which absorb CO2 and continue the water cleansing process. 500L of water is purified per day and used for irrigating the Green Wall and gardens. The aim is to close the loop and use this water for the public toilets. However, this is currently unsupported by the building law. We are working to obtain permission to trial this solution and contribute to updating the building law regarding reuse of wastewater and closed loop cycles.





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