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Redirecting Rainwater
As a result of climate change, heavy and frequent rains put pressure on existing storm sewers and make flooding a risk. At Green Solution House the high water table possesses a challenge, but instead of fighting nature and treating this as a problem the landscape was designed around the element of water. A landscape designed to flood. The soil excavated for the foundation for the new building was retained on site and used to sculpt the landscape and embrace runoff from cloudbursts or heavy rainfall. Various watershed designs guide rainwater to seasonal ponds creating a landscape easy to maintain. The landscape increases biodiversity, provides natural irrigation, has a cooling effect in the summer months, and even limits the hatching of mosquitoes. The gravel parking area is made with local granite waste and directs rainwater to a nearby wetland pond. On the route, the water passes through soils and a specific mix of gravel to remove pollutants from the cars and ensure clean runoff.

15000 m3 of soil was moved to create the landscape, which has the capacity to handle a 10-year storm.

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