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The hotel room of tomorow
What’s it like, the hotel room of tomorrow? We answer that question with two smart guest rooms at Green Solution House. We focused on choosing quality interiors, which meant prioritizing recyclability and sustainability certifications, when it came to selecting our materials and furnishings. Air cleaning carpets, recyclable tiles, low energy LED lighting, and recycled plastic bathroom fixtures are what push the vision forward. The rooms are naturally lit with skylights and sun tunnels, complementing the glass facade and balcony.

And how does it feel? Controlled by a simple click from our intelligent indoor environment app, the room is yours to explore. To understand the impact of your stay the app tracks water and energy consumption, daylight levels, air quality, temperature, and humidity levels.

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Hotel GSH is a dynamic showroom of sustainable solutions. It is also shows how you can operate a hotel in a sustainable way.

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