Climate Modelling Analysis Saxony-Anhalt 1961-2100

To inform policy makers, climate modeling data of the newest generation has been analyzed. Climate change impacts can be seen for various variables and existing adaptation policies will be reviewed on the basis of these analyzes.

We have conducted an analysis of relevant climate change indicators for the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Its aim is to provide a data basis to clarify the needs of adaptation strategies for climate change impacts in this region. And due to regional climate modeling improving in resolution and quality, regional climate change impacts were able to be assessed with more certainty.

Major findings are a reduction of the water balance and an increase of heat waves which will be the biggest challenges for adaption in Saxony-Anhalt. Other climate change related impacts such as a change in extreme weather patterns and an increase in storm potential wil be investigated with the now-existent large database. The data base created during this project is being used to elaborate precise strategies for climate change adaptation measures and assess climate risks due to extreme weather hazards in more detail to aid public decision making and climate adaptation in businesses.

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