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Gottlieb Paludan Architects has designed Solrødgård Climate and Environmental Park, which is the result of an unusual symbiosis between supply plant, climate adaption and landscape park. The aim of the park is to let visitors explore energy cycles which are fundamental to daily life.

The 50 hectares Climate and Environmental Park houses a new headquarters for Hillerød Utility Company, a waste-water treatment plant and a recycling centre – and plans are afoot to add additional supply plants in the area. The park is also a large transformation project in which 50 hectares of farm land have been transformed into a hilly and publicly available landscape with winding streams and wetlands that catch the rain water and provide habitats for animals, fish and birds. Visitors can learn close-up about the supply and resource circuits that are fundamental to daily life – and at the same time experience bats, lawpings and birds of prey in their natural habitat.

The facility is situated in the south-west part of Hillerød. On account of the area’s scenic qualities and topography, the earthworks, rainwater ditches and hedgerows in green wedges from the edge of the area conduct rainwater down to a new landscape of streams and meadowland. This new wetland will be established by Slåenbækken and Havelse streams, which in torrential rain will enlarge into a lake. The lake will receive rainwater from the Solrødgård Climate and Environmental Park and and absorb run-off from the surrounding areas.

The climate and environmental park is a place where technology and recreation can be experienced in a close and unusual cohabitation. The park offers a unique possibility to play and learn in a landscape where the supply circuits of water, energy and materials are prominently displayed as attractions.



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