Køge Waterworks – a future-proof water house

A future-proof water house which combines the production of clean drinking water with research and learning through play with water.

The utility company, Energiforsyningen, in the coastal town of Køge southwest of Copenhagen created a future-proof water house which combines the production of clean drinking water with research, learning and play with water. The technical specifications of the waterworks and test centre are at the forefront of development. The test centre are open to the public and visitors are able to see the processes that the water goes through, both within and outside the plant.

All the functions of the waterworks are brought together in one robust but transparent building at the highest point of the site. The functions are organized so they are visible and make sense both from within and when looking in from the outside. On a large sloping roof, rainwater are visibly led to the lowest point of the site. The existing lake was expanded to an actual rainwater collecting basin which is not only able to handle the site’s and the building’s rainwater, it also have the capacity to receive surface water from the surrounding terrain after torrential rain. The plant is designed to ensure optimum protection of the drinking water in connection with cloudbursts.

The new water house in Køge is an outward-facing utility company which is an attractive place to work and generate value for the local community. It contributes to the research on water treatment of the future and engage people by telling the story about the cycle of water from rainwater to groundwater and from groundwater to clean and safe drinking water. The water house was completed in the autumn of 2016.

Client: Energiforsyningen Køge
Year: 2016
Location: Køge, Denmark
In collaboration with: Krüger A/S, EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører

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