GÖRLITZ Lukia

    GÖRLITZ Lukia – IT solutions for enabling utilities smart concepts

    Data are Smart Metering and Smart Grid’s core. Today, consumption is monitored in short time intervals. GÖRLITZ Lukia offers open solutions for reliable data administration. Our software enables utilities to link both existing and new hardware to chosen business management software.

    Another part of our products and solutions allows utilities to control their net probably and run it efficient by SCADA- and GIS-systems.

    Solutions for smart metering

    In Denmark, GÖRLITZ Lukia is monitoring about 30% of consumption data for several utilities with varying meter count from 50,000 meters up to 400,000 meters. Our software is designed to work with markets consumption meters including product version, where consumption means electricity as well as energy, water and gas.

    Net operation and net control

    On-going production of renewable energy requires exact real time net operation.  Here we offer hardware and software solutions for efficient net control.

    Our mission

    Today energy market is in flow and utilities have to react on changes. GÖRLITZ Lukia wants to enable utilities flexibility to find the best smart solution, any time!  Our effort is to save our costumers values.

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    Primary contact
    Jannik Munk
    + 45 69 14 14 40