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GoMore is the European leader in combining ridesharing and peer-to-peer car rental and Scandinavia’s leading business in the sharing economy. Our mission is to be the preferred mobility solution in Europe and beyond.

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GoMore is a trusted community marketplace for peer-to-peer sharing of cars. We help people connect, save money, and make car rides more environmentally friendly and fun.

The number of cars on the road is on the rise. Denmark now has more than 2.65 million passenger cars, but only few of them are used efficiently.

In Denmark, an average car only carries 1.3 people on the road and spends about 23 hours per day taking up a parking space. This is an incredible waste of our car resources, and the inefficiency of our cars leads to even more vehicles on the road.

Transportation is responsible for nearly 30 % of the EU’s total CO2-emissions, of which 72 % comes from road transportation. As mobility increases, transportation is one of the only sectors with CO2-emissions rising[1].

While we are waiting for electric cars to become the new normal, it’ll still take years replacing the current car fleet with electric cars – and the production of the electric cars are also costly in terms of CO2-emissions.

If we are to succeed in creating a more sustainable future, it is crucial that we share and use our cars more efficiently.

A trusted community for peer-to-peer sharing of cars

When we share our cars, more people can do without owning a car. GoMore is a peer-to-peer-platform that helps people share cars through ridesharing, rental and leasing – while constantly developing new carsharing concepts and features that helps make sharing cars easier for everyone.

GoMore’s ridesharing platform enables drivers to invite people for a ride on an already planned journey. This increases the number of people per car and reduces the number of cars on the streets, making car trips more efficient and better for the environment. It’s a travel solution, which is cheaper for both the car owner and the passenger, while providing better utilization of the cars and the opportunity to meet new people on the road.

Rental of private cars enables car owners to rent out their car, when they don’t use it. That way people without a car gains easy access to cars in their neighbourhood. When leasing a car with GoMore, you can rent out your car, when you don’t use it yourself. Thus, minimizing your expenses and the negative impact on the environment.

A keyless revolution

Recently, the launch of GoMore Keyless has helped revolutionize car ownership and accelerated car sharing, as private cars can be rented out without personally handing over the car keys. Instead, you can access and lock private cars with a smartphone.

Keyless technology makes it easier for both car owners and renters to fit car sharing into everyday life – and ultimately helps utilizing cars much more efficiently, reducing car ownership and taking better care of the planet. A Keyless car is on average shared between 12 families each quarter, with more than 300 Keyless cars already on the road in Denmark.

2020: A record-breaking year for carsharing

From June 2019 to June 2020, GoMore has experienced a 42 % increase in the number of unique Danish renters on our platform. In June 2020, we also broke our own rental record with more than 6,500 Danish rental bookings in one month.

In Denmark, GoMore has almost 1 million registered users. Our services are also available in Spain and Sweden, with the latter experiencing growth figures of over 700 % compared to one year ago.

Share or Sink

GoMore strives to make it convenient for everyone to share cars, while spreading the word of carsharing in a fun manner. This year, our car boat is sailing the canals of Copenhagen and Stockholm under the ‘Share or Sink’-flag.

The car boat is a reminder that sea levels is rising as fast as the number of cars. And that we all have to share, if we don’t want to sink.




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