GoMore is a trusted community marketplace for peer-to-peer sharing of cars. We help people connect, save money, and make car rides more environmentally friendly and fun. 

    In Denmark an average car only carries 1.4 people on the road and spends about 23 hours per day taking up parking space. Empty seats in cars is the largest excess capacity in the transport industry and this inefficiency has a negative impact on the environment and is very expensive for car owners.

    GoMore connects empty car seats with people who want to pay for that seat. We thereby raise the number of people in cars and reduce cars on the streets, making car trips more efficient and better for the environment. A travel solution that is cheaper for both the car owner and the user. Besides, people can enjoy the social experience of sharing a ride.

    Across Europe, car sharing is evolving from a niche market 3 to 4 years ago to becoming a mass market industry. In Denmark alone, GoMore has almost doubled its members in 2015. Across Europe, we expect to exceed 1,000,000 users by end of 2015.

    GoMore is the European leader in combining ridesharing and peer-to-peer car rental and Scandinavia’s leading business in the sharing economy. Our mission is to be the preferred mobility solution in Europe and beyond.

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    Gunhild Zacher