Combined bicycle path for school kids and rainwater storage

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The vision for Gladsaxe Municipality is focused on a social and environmental balance as well as cohesion between growth and welfare in the city. The municipality’s work on climate adaption connects to a strong political ambition to make Gladsaxe a vibrant city in growth.

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A safe way to school in green surroundings

With the new Water Path, the school kids of Gladsaxe now have a safe and fast bicycle path to school combined with several water-collecting basins and a small artificial stream at the side of the Water Path. The open water-collecting basins consist of two types of basins and handle the water from the Marielyst Neighbourhood and Gladsaxe Stadium:

The eight upper basins have edges made of wood and soil, and they have been named “the Meadows”. After heavy rain, the basins are filled with water, but most of the time they will be dry and can be used for picnic, ball games or other recreational purposes.

In the lower eight basins, “the Cascades”, there will always be some water. “The Cascades” are, essentially, large wooden boxes that contribute to the unique appearance of the Water Path.

The single-most expensive part of the Water Path, the new bicycle path, is part of the Cycle Super Highways project in the Greater Copenhagen area. This means that the Water Path is well connected to other bicycle paths in the Greater Copenhagen area and provides an effective way into the centre of Copenhagen for people who commute. The Water Path also connects two existing bicycle paths and thereby links the area together. In addition, a once secluded and insecure area under a nearby bridge has been given new life with LED-lighting and easier accessibility.

The project is part of the overall ”Gladsaxe Heights: a Climate Adapted Neighbourhood”-project which is one of Denmark’s biggest climate adaptation projects.

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