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The vision for Gladsaxe Municipality is focused on a social and environmental balance as well as cohesion between growth and welfare in the city. The municipality’s work on climate adaption connects to a strong political ambition to make Gladsaxe a vibrant city in growth.

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Stormwater management in a sports area.

The Water-Sensitive Urban Design-project at Gladsaxe Sports Centre will create a different and unique setting around the football fields with little streams, trenches, and a new open playground. The goal of the project is to ensure that the football fields will be the centre of not only football matches, but also of an environment where people feel invited. The open playground, which utilizes water creatively in its different elements, is an important part of this vision. Here, people can skate, use the jumping pillow, try out paddle tennis or engage in many other forms of outdoor training.

Several new paths were built in order to make the area more accessible and bind it together with the surrounding city – for example one, which runs across the sports area and almost directly to the town hall.

The project also focuses on how to engage elderly people and young girls in the activities around the football fields. Girls from the nearby school in 7th and 8th grade and elderly people from the area were therefore given the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the project.

Gladsaxe Sports Centre is one out of four Water Plus-projects in Denmark, which is a partnership between the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, Realdania, and the Danish Nature Agency. The area is a typical example of the big suburbs, which were built in many Scandinavian countries in the years after World War II. These suburbs have not been well prepared for the climate changes that we are facing today, and therefore the Water Plus-projects are pioneer projects for similar suburban areas.

The rainwater from the area is led directly to Gladsaxe’s new Water Path, and the project is thereby part of the overall ”Gladsaxe Heights: a Climate-Adapted Neighbourhood”-project which is one of Denmark’s biggest climate-adaptation projects.

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