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The vision for Gladsaxe Municipality is focused on a social and environmental balance as well as cohesion between growth and welfare in the city. The municipality’s work on climate adaption connects to a strong political ambition to make Gladsaxe a vibrant city in growth.

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Rainwater improves living conditions for animals in Gladsaxe Heights Nature Park

A new project concerning climate adaptation aims to future-proof the area around Gladsaxe Heights Nature Park against heavy rainfall and at the same time improve living conditions for the park’s animals. This also makes room for nature experiences for people living in the area.

New streams and artificial lakes have been established in order to control the course of the water and make sure that untreated sewage does not end up in the wrong places. At the same time, the new streams and the lake create habitats for the amphibians of the park. The park is a protected area with both marsh, meadows, and small lakes, which are habitats of both the moor frog and the aquatic newt that are protected species.

The new streams and the artificial lake delay and purify the water so it can be lead into the natural water cycle again. This means that even though more water is lead through the park now, the stress on the sewage system around the park is much smaller.

The project is part of the overall ”Gladsaxe Heights: a Climate-Adapted Neighbourhood”-project which is one of Denmark’s biggest climate-adaptation projects.

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