Scrap tyre recycling facility in Mindelheim, Bavaria, Germany


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Environmental company Genan is the largest tyre recycler in the world, processing up to 375,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) annually. Sustainability is Genan's core value; and at Genan, we commit to striving for a sustainable future in every choice we make.

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The Genan plant strategy in Germany was completed in 2010 when the third 65,000 tonnes plant started operation in Mindelheim, Bavaria.

After the completion of Genan’s third largest German plant of 65.000 tons/year in Mindelheim, Bavaria, all scrap tyres in Germany have less than 300 km to the closest Genan recycling plant.

The plant started operation in 2010 and is equipped with the most modern equipment. The proximity to the Swiss and Austrian borders also allows for the processing of scrap tyres from these two countries.

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