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Artificial turf got its final breakthrough when the 3rd generation technology was introduced in the late half of the nineties. Till then, artificial turf was used widely in e.g. tennis courts and fields for American football and baseball but because the ball behaviour was quite different from that of natural turf, it was not yet considered suitable for soccer on a high level. This changed completely by the introduction of the 3rd Generation technology where rubber granulate was used as infill and thereby improved ball rebound and running characteristics.

This has lead to the complete acceptance by all the important football organisations like FIFA and UEFA, and artificial turf is now recommended for use on all levels, e.g. Champions League and the World Cup.

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In a typical artificial turf, Genan rubber granulate contributes to both the infill layer (Fine, Fine-mix or Medium) as well as the manufacturing of the elastic layer, whatever it is built up on site (in-situ) or from prefab mats.

In order to obtain the best ball behavior, the size of the rubber granulate infill must not be too fine or too rough. If the infill is too fine, it will compact and the artificial turf will not be elastic enough. If the infill is too rough, it will absorb too much energy from the ball, resulting in a poor rebound performance. In order to meet all special requirements, Genan therefore offers 3 different sizes of infill, Fine, Fine-mix and Medium.

Besides the correct, tailor made size for the particular purpose, cleanliness is also of utmost importance. Genan infill is tested on a permanent basis according to DIN norm number 18035-7.

An elastic layer is used underneath the carpet in some artificial turf systems. An elastic layer is made of rubber granulate and a polyurethane binder. Genan delivers rubber granulate for elastic layers in two sizes, Coarse and Super coarse.

There are two main ways of making an elastic layer. Either it can be built on site (in-situ) where the rubber granulate is mixed with 8-12% polyurethane binder, or it can be made from pre-fabricated rubber mats. In both applications, Genan high quality rubber granulate is used.


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