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Galaxe A/S - Thermozell focuses on providing information to advisors and developers within the construction industry as well as facilitating partnerships with the purpose of spreading the awareness of Thermozell to implement its many qualities in even more building and renovation projects. Thermozell has the ability to reduce waste from products containing Styrofoam from packaging etc. and reusing it in lightweight concrete.

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Fors A/S is a utility company in the municipalities of Holbæk, Roskilde and Lejre managing waste in Holbæk and sorting it to support a sustainable environment. Galaxe A/S, a contracting company specialised in floors, have cooperated with Fors A/S to upcycle Styrofoam and reuse it in building projects as a lightweight concrete (Thermozell). The symbiosis between the two companies creates an alternative to incineration, which benefits the environment and supports a circular procedure in waste management.

Upcycling to avoid incineration

Sustainability is about the exploitation of energy with the lowest consequences for the environment. Incineration results in energy by burning waste, which deduces CO2 in the process and although Styrofoam creates a high amount of energy when incinerated it is not the optimal solution. It is necessary to extend the longevity of a product, implement circular procedures across several business areas, and create sustainable solutions. Fors A/S and Galaxe A/S cooperates to extend product life of Styrofoam by accommodating each other’s needs regarding the disposal of Styrofoam at Fors A/S and the need of used Styrofoam at Galaxe A/S. Used Styrofoam is a necessity in the production of Galaxe A/S’s Thermozell because new Styrofoam contains gas and therefore, can not be used by Galaxe A/S.

The energy outcome from burning Styrofoam is much lower than the production of Thermozell, thus it is beneficial for the environment to upcycle Styrofoam and producing lightweight concrete compared to incineration.

Supporting the national resource strategy

Galaxe A/S’s Thermozell ensures more environmentally friendly buildings because the product does not need any gravel in the making of concrete. By using resources from recycling stations provided by Fors A/S both companies supports the Danish National Resource Strategy by minimizing the waste of materials. Even the disposing process of Thermozell is circular, since used lightweight concrete is crushed and reused producing new concrete. Fors A/S and Galaxe A/S seeks to exploit a waste fraction by thinking circular and avoiding incineration of useful materials for the good of the environment.

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