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Hydraulic and sustainable energy is our passion and we have 30 years of experience in the wind industry.

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Hydraulic pitch control is a system where the blade angle is controlled by one or more hydraulic cylinders placed in the hub of the turbine. It is a drive system, which under emergency control can operate without an external power supply. Furthermore, hydraulic pitch control is not sensitive to vibrations, and failure safe operation is easily achieved with only a few non-electrical components.

Why use hydraulic pitch systems in wind turbines?

  • Reliable: A known and proven technology, used in most offshore turbines
  • Robust: Low component sensitivity to environment
  • Simple: Low number of components
  • Integrated: Most components are assembled and tested integrated in manifolds and the power unit
  • Safe: No electrical power is required for emergency stop
  • Available/high uptime: Shortest possible downtime in case of emergency stop

High reliability with hydraulic pitch systems

To achieve the optimum performance of the hydraulic systems, some precautions must be considered already in the development and design phase. For instance, Fritz Schur Energy only uses components from leading high-quality hydraulic component suppliers. Furthermore, a clean and well working system is secured through proper maintenance.

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