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Frederiksberg District Heating

Frederiksberg District Heating is owned by the Municipality of Frederiksberg with 102 000 inhabitants, in the centre of the Metropol of Copenhagen. It is operated by Frederiksberg Forsyning, which also operates water, gas, wastewater and district heating.

Frederiksberg District Heating has supplied district heating to both housing and businesses in Frederiksberg since 1903. Today they distributes heat to 97% of the heated space in the municipality and is supplied from the heat transmission company CTR, which is part of the integrated district heating system in the Copenhagen Region.

Today the network investment is paid back and the District heating investment is a success. Frederiksberg District Heating is  working with improving the systems efficiency and using the network to implement green energy. The 723 GWh/a heat, which is delivered from the CTR system, is produced in an optimal way by waste-to-energy CHP (29%), CHP on gas, coal and biomass (68%), geothermal energy (2%) and oil boilers (1%). Therefore, using renewable energy and reducing cooling losses from the power plants, the fossil fuel consumption for heating buildings is only 0.3 MWh fuel per MWh thermal energy. The CO2 emission is 103 kg/MWh heat delivered to each building and it is still being reduced by integrating more renewable energy in the production.

The shift from small local boilers to large CHP plants with efficient flue gas cleaning has had a positive impact on the air quality. With this experience, Frederiksberg Energy is now introducing District Cooling. 

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature to customer 75 – 110 ºC
  • Return Temperature about 50 ºC
  • Pressure in the network up to 10 bar
  • Difference pressure by customer. 5 meter
  • Water quality ph value 9.6 – 10
  • Water quality mikrosiemens under 80
  • Deionized water
  • Losses in network – 6%

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