FOM Technologies

    FOM Technologies

    The core purpose of FOM TECHNOLOGIES is to help grow the research field of polymer solar cells and other solution processable functional organic materials. We do so by providing know-how, materials and equipment for up-scaling small scale experiments into large scale research and pilot scale pre-production demonstrations. More specifically, we specialize in R&D equipment for coating and testing of functional organic materials.

    FOM TECHNOLOGIES was formed in 2012 as a spin-out from Risoe-DTU the former Danish National Center for Sustainable Energy (now merged with the Technical University of Denmark, DTU). Hence, the quality and functionality of our materials and equipment are the results of several years of research at Risoe Energy Conversion, where the R2R capability reached the final stages of large scale production of OPV.

    In other words, we know what to do and more importantly – what not to do.

    Employees from Risoe, together with partners from the industry, form the basis for providing a new platform for commercialization of inventions and patents developed and used by the Solar Energy department at the Institute of Energy Conversion and Storage lead by Professor Frederik Krebs.

    FOM TECHNOLOGIES would like to see this capability copied to the rest of the World. And the sooner the better – for a cleaner and brighter future.

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    Martin Kiener
    + 45 21 31 14 70