Retrofitting conventional energy-intensive lighting with energy-efficient LED


Lighting fixtures for commercial and public construction are currently designed to suit a linear economy where the solutions have a limited lifespan and cannot be repaired. At the same time, millions of existing light fixtures made of high-quality materials are discarded simply due to the interior electronics being outdated. This results in unsustainable resource expense, which contravene the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Lighting manufacturer, Fischer Lighting, have designed their lightning solutions to enable retrofitting of currently owned lamps to a more energy-efficient light source, hereby ensuring reuse. Additionally, their own lighting fixture designs are based on and enable disassemble and repair as well as recyclability. All parts can be separated and re-used, reducing carbon emissions by up to 42%, in comparison to newly produced lighting fixtures. Any electronic parts that are replaced in production, are sent to an upcycling facility ensuring recycling of the material. Coloplast, a Danish medical equipment manufacturer, was faced with this lighting challenge as they were looking to improve the
energy-efficiency at one of their offices. Here, existing lamps, were retrofitted with LED and renewed rather than discarded, optimising
the energy use for Coloplast.


Total energy savings amounted to 67 per cent, whilst reduction of CO2 emission was 7.2 tonnes, totalling  cost-saving of EUR 27.000.


Contributors: Fischer Lighting, Coloplast

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Fischer Lighting is a Danish company and market leader in the latest energy-efficient solutions. We have developed a new and revolutionary method named ReThinKit ™. We rebuild and reuse existing luminaires with the latest LED technology. It is not just a good idea it is also a new way to protect the environment and to save money on the electricity bill.

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