Solar cells that cover standby consumption

Previously we have only seen solar cells which are used indoors in calculators. But solar panels can also be used indoors in a wide range of products. The potential is huge and untapped, so maybe you can be the first to market with a new indoor solar product? Factor 3 has designed a solar module, which is beautifully integrated into a Montana height adjustable table, which ensures that the board uses no power or money when it is on standby, such as a table, almost always does.

Factor 3 has designed a solar module to Montana’s height-adjustable desks. The technique has Factor 3 developed in collaboration with LINAK. The ground-breaking height adjustable table saves power and money because it does not use any power when on standby. Today, when virtually all companies have height adjustable tables, there are big savings on your energy bill to be gained by using a table with solar cells.

The table can be seen in Montana’s showroom in North Harbour, and the Green Light House at KU and Energy Flex House at the Technological Institute. All showrooms of the future intelligent energy systems.

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