At EWII (former TREFOR) we have a vision that goes beyond being a traditional energy company. Our aim is to contribute actively to solve the climate challenge within energy and clean drinking water.

    We innovate, as we have done since 1867. We place innovation and good ideas on the agenda in the areas of electricity sales and energy consulting, energy technology solutions, refrigeration technology and construction work.

    We connect people via fibre broadband and think in energy alternatives such as fuel cells and hydrogen.

    Our wind farms produce more than 250 million kWh, corresponding to the annual consumption of approximately 62,500 households.

    We make cities greener with TRIPL, our electric vehicle. And last, but not least, we use technology to shorten the distance between patient and doctor, creating security and quality of life. We will continue to do this.

    At the same time we wish to develop and further strengthen our business and incorporate further sustainable aspects into our new strategy for EWII.

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    Primary contact
    Bernadette Sparrevohn
    +45 70 50 50 50