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European Energy develops wind and solar farms as well as energy storage solutions. We are building solutions to climate change.

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European Energy is continuing to research solar power and it's massive potential.

The price of solar energy has dropped approximately 90% over the past 10 years. It is now cheaper than conventional power plants in many markets. Further improvements to both the price and performance of solar energy are expected to continue. Danish developer European Energy recently opened a first of its kind test centre in Europe. The centre is built on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark, where it will test the latest solar power technologies.

This includes bifacial solar cells, which, in contrast to the traditional monofacial solar cells, harvest solar energy from both sides of the panel. Researchers and employees from European Energy will test bifacial panels in combination with tracking (where solar panels automatically move to follow the sun throughout the day) and interaction with different storage technologies. European Energy estimates that the research can improve the harvest of solar energy by up to 20% using only off-the-shelf solar modules and structures. The new test centre will support the continued development of solar energy as a key technology in the future energy system.

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