EURO Lumex

    EURO Lumex

    EURO Lumex is a supplier of premium LED luminaires for commercial installations. EURO Lumex supply integral lighting solutions to create lighting scenes that make it possible to achieve the highest interplay between lighting, ceilings and the architecture of a room in all its diverse complexity and at the same time secure the most cost effective lighting solutions.

    Our key strengths are development of innovative, energy efficient and implementation effective lighting solutions that meet all international standards for artificial lighting.
    Our Vision

    Our vision is to deliver creative and innovative LED lighting luminaires, which from an aesthetic and architectural point-of-view in best possible way integrates the luminaires into various acoustic ceiling systems and other types of ceilings.

    EURO Lumex lighting luminaires opens up new opportunities for designing ceilings, where lighting and acoustic gypsum ceilings are truely integrated leaving a calm and unobstructed ceiling design. We value Scandinavian contemporary design using clean lines, shapes and simplicity, as well as understand the importance of excellent lighting and highest possible energy savings.

    EURO Lumex brings design, state-of-the-art technologies and high energy savings together – as our tag line says ’simply brighter’.

    Our Offer

    EURO Lumex has a strong team with many years of expertise of lighting, production and quality assurance. We offer an extensive range of premium luminaires and lighting control systems for various commercial lighting applications with focus on:

    – Offices
    – Schools

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    Primary contact
    Thomas Jørgensen
    +45 26 48 80 68