Zero Liquide Discharge of industrial process water


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Cleaning/Reuse of Industrial Wastewater. ZERO DISCHARGE.

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IMET Alloys is a strategic materials management company and an industry leader in recycling super alloys and titanium for the
aerospace industry.

In 2018 IMET Alloys USA was looking tovreplace their maintenance intensive evaporator. To evaluate which technology and supplier to go with, the company invited leading evaporator suppliers to make presentations based on the following key performance parameters: energy consumption, cleaning frequency, concentration rate, capacity, distillate quality, up-time, technical support, and response to service issues. The choice fell on Envotherm’s ET 1250 evaporator with additional equipment.

The solution makes it possible to reuse 95% of IMET Alloy’s process water with an energy consumption of less than 35 kWh per treated m3 process water and zero liquid discharge. IMET Alloy has been impressed with the installation, technology, performance of the equipment and the technical support, which is available online 24/7. The expected payback time for the investment is 1.5-3 years.

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