NoFloods GVOIR – mobile reservoir

The NoFloods giant mobile reservoir also called GVOIR is revolutionizing the way in which you can store and encapsulate large amounts of liquids that is rainwater, sewage water and other contaminants.

Gvoir is highly differentiated from standard solutions for temporary liquid storage, which are by tradition limited by its original size (e.g. container, tank etc.). Gvoir has a unique and modular approach, which enables temporary storage of unlimited quantities of liquids as a “stand alone system” or as a “add on” to existing reservoirs.

Compared to other solutions, Gvoir is highly effective due to:

  • The use of terminals and junctions and tubes in up to 200 meter sections enables fast deployment and use of multiple and high capacity water pumps.
  • A modular approach. Each section can be prolonged by the use of junctions.
  • Low weight. Our tubes do have a very low weight before deployment without compromising the strength.
  • Fast deployment saves critical time & resources. You can roll out the Gvoir storing up to 70,000 m3 of liquids within 4 hours.
  • No Logistics. We use liquids to create Gvoir. When fighting spills and water borne disasters liquids are always within reach. No need for transportation of larger heavy systems to create a reservoir.

More information

The NoFloods GVOIR is probably the most flexible solution on the market for temporary storage of large volumes of liquids such as:

  • Storage of wastewater
  • Storage of chemicals
  • Storage of rainwater / flash floods.
  • Storage of toxic spills

For more information and technical specification please visit our website or contact us directly.

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